27 November 2018

Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Busy Holiday Season

Customer service can be a very demanding field. It takes a certain type of personality to succeed in this work, but even the most patient and persistent people can find customer service to be challenging. When you’re experiencing a high volume of calls, it can definitely stress you out. Here’s how to keep your cool when you work in customer service.

Try not to take it personally

Most customers aren’t calling because they’re happy about something. They’re typically calling to get a problem resolved and some of them might be very angry and frustrated. Try not to take it personally when you get an angry or irate customer on the line. They’re ultimately mad about the situation, not at you.

Take a breath

Before you respond angrily to a customer’s verbal abuse, take a second to think about the best way to respond. Don’t reply in anger, and don’t rush to make promises that aren’t reasonable or even possible to achieve. Instead, reassure the customer that you understand their frustration and resolve their issue, if possible. If the matter requires you to seek help from a supervisor or a different department, assure the customer that you will see the issue through to its resolution and call them back. Not everything can be resolved in a few minutes, but make sure you do follow up with the customer.

Take a break

Don’t skip breaks on busy days. You may have to delay them if your call volume is high, but you need those few minutes of time away from the phone to stretch, breathe, and relax. Consider doing a short session of focused breathing during your break. Try to get outside, or listen to some relaxing music on your break. Taking even a few minutes to yourself can help you calm down and refocus your energy for the next call.

Practice empathy

Try to put yourself in your caller’s shoes. Maybe they’re having a really terrible day. Maybe they’re not angry about the situation, but about something else entirely. Try not to take their problems personally, but treat them with respect as you resolve their issues.

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