Contact Centre

Contact Centre

The History of the Contact Centre

Within the past decade the rapid evolution and adoption of technology has dramatically changed the way in which organizations utilize contact centres to manage their relationships with their customers.

Another component of the evolution has to do with the main function of the contact centre. In the past most contact centres simply functioned as triage desks, that is, they answered and transferred calls.

Today leading contact centres provide a suite of complimentary services for their clients. With Answer 365, clients can outsource:

At Answer 365 our primary objective is to help our clients manage their customer relationships. As a result our clients experience increased revenues and higher customer retention rates. We utilize all available communication channels to interact and service your customers. Channels include: Phone, Fax, Email, Text and Paging.

Having Answer 365 as part of your team ensures your customers’ experience is personalized and consistent across all channels. Answer 365 can be there for your customers 24/7 or only at times when you need us.

With Answer 365 clients can select only the services they need as part of their contact centre solution. Our tailored approach to contact centre services is one of the reasons why Answer 365 continues to grow after 60+ years in business.

Plans start as low as $130 a month to have your phones answered 24 hours a day if you choose. Our business is about serving your customers with the care as if they were our own.