E-Commerce Services

E-Commerce Services

If your company does business locally, across the country or internationally Answer 365 is the perfect strategic partner. Our website allows clients secure access to perform real-time order processing, and to follow real-time campaign activities. We offer file and data delivery based on your specifications, using email, FTP, and web downloads in either batch or single unit modes.

Unique Toll Free Numbers

Answer 365 provides unique toll free numbers to help businesses track the effectiveness of their e-commerce advertising campaigns. If your company offers both local and international shipping, Answer 365 is the perfect fit for after hours support and inquiry calls. Let us handle both support and new sales inquiries while you and your team get the rest you need to make your e-commerce business a success.

Order Processing/Order Entry

Answer 365 has extensive experience with many Lottery and Ticket Sales campaigns that include, Inbound Telemarketing, Telesales (Business-to-Business & Business-to-Consumer) Direct TV/Advertising Media Responses. We also provide inbound Catalog Sales Information Requests, Customer Data Base Services, Dealer Locator and Referral.