Customer Service & Support

Delivering a personalized answering service for your customers is our job 24/7- 365 days a year. Quality customer service is paramount, in both your business and ours. At Answer 365 we treat your customers as if they were our own. Let us take care of your customers after hours, on holidays or 365 days a year.

In today’s competitive world, most companies could really use a reliable call center to help maintain their customer base and grow their businesses. Answer 365 has over 60 years of experience providing exceptional call center service. Read more icon-arrow2


Appointment Booking

Whether your Staff is headed on vacation or your business is just not big enough to have a receptionist, Answer 365 has got you covered. Our Appointment Booking service is one of our most valued call center services. When a call comes into your office and a live person is unable to answer the phone, the call is immediately transferred to a bi-lingual Answer 365 agent.

As soon as the call is received your company’s web based, real time calendar appears on screen. Let Answer 365 agents book your appointments when you or your staff are sick or on vacation. Read more icon-arrow2

Answer 365 Appointment Booking Services

Telephone Answering Services

Answer 365 provides custom live answering services for companies both large and small. Answer 365 has been providing award winning service to it’s many customers since 1948. Telephone Answering is where our roots began. Sixty+ years later technology has allowed us to take messages and deliver services in many different formats insuring you get the correct information, instanly.

We handle your calls 24 hours per day, 365 day a year. Our agents are trained to greet your customers to your specific instruction. We can handle your after hours calls or have your phones default to us should your reception be busy or on vacation. Read more Read More

Live Telephone Answering Service

Emergency Response & Dispatch

We live in a world where natural disasters can strike at any time. For most disaster response and recovery companies their businesses depend on fast and caring responses to hundreds, sometimes thousands of customers at once.

When it comes to disaster relief your customers are frightened and worried. It is important that your company have a warm & comforting voice answer the phone. Busy signals and voice mail at times like these can cause panic. Answer 365 understands the needs of your customers. We have more than 60 years of emergency response experience. Read more Read More



Customized Call Center Services

Answer 365 is one of very few Canadian call centers that have been in business for over 60 years. Answer 365, through successor companies, can trace its roots back to 1948.Answer 365 services clients throughout Canada, processing over 5 million transactions per year.

Our suite of services include: call center,,inbound call services,, telephone answering, order processing,customer services,, emergency dispatching, computer and web based operations, data processing and a complete range of paging products. We provide our clients in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Canada-wide with affordable and innovative solutions.

With Answer 365 you'll never miss a call!


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