Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Answer 365 will design and build a custom solution to process your emergency calls including capturing relevant customer information, and then dispatching based on your emergency protocol. If your company does not have an emergency protocol Answer 365 can help you create one.

How it Works

  • It starts with all the contact information for your response staff and the order and manner to which they are best contacted.
  • Our operator simply clicks on the staff member’s name and the process begins.
  • The file remains open until confirmation is received.

Answer 365 has backup electrical power that can power our operations and switch board for days should we lose electrical power. Answer 365’s technology and professional agents provide you the comfort that your requirements will be processed in a timely, professional and confidential manner.

Emergency Call Center services fit for you:

  • Call Handling
  • Insurance adjustors looking for the first available contractor
  • Homeowners in need of flood or fire damage repair
  • Immediate Emergency dispatch via call, page, text, email and fax
  • Non-emergency next day appointment booking
  • Status Updates- we keep your customers informed

We live in a world where disasters can strike at any time. For disaster response and recovery companies their businesses depend on fast and caring responses. Busy signals can cost you customers. Answer 365 understands the needs of your customers. We have more than 60 years of emergency response experience.

Let customers know you are there for them in an emergency. Choose Answer 365 as your emergency response call center.