Live Answering Services

Live Answering Services

Is your business too small for a full time receptionist or too big for only one? Answer 365 provides custom live answering services for companies both large and small.

Answer 365 has been providing award winning service to it’s many customers since 1948. Telephone Answering is where our roots began. Sixty+ years later technology has allowed us to take messages and deliver services in many different formats ensuring you get the correct information, instantly.

We handle your calls 24 hours per day, 365 day a year. We do this on your terms and with your custom greeting when your calls come in. We can handle your after hours calls or have your phones default to us should your reception be busy, on vacation or at lunch.

At Answer 365, we custom design, build and deliver complete solutions for you and your organization. We capture the information you need and send it to you in the format that best suits you: email, text, fax or phone call. This is done at the stroke of a key. All calls are also recorded should you have a need to review the call.

Let Answer 365 be the ANSWER for you.

Ian Cooke, Technical Director, explains Answer 365’s core benefits as a call center service provider.