Why should I choose Answer 365 as my call center service provider?

Answer 365 has been in business since 1948. The business has been owned by the same group for 27 years. Because of the success of the company Answer 365 has invested in the best staff out there as well as the most current technology in the industry.

I have an office assistant, why do I need a telephone answering service?

It is critical to any business the phone gets answered by a human. Your assistant may be on another line, out on lunch break, or on vacation. With Answer 365’s ring busy no answer default your phone always get answered.

Can you guarantee all my calls will be answered by intelligent & well spoken agents?

Answer 365’s Infinity technology allows us to determine who from our staff answers the calls. New staff work the basic accounts and are rated. Our agents are also scored on a weekly basis by our Customer Service Managers to ensure a good experience for your customers.

How do Answer 365 Agents know how to handle my company’s calls?

Answer 365 we assign you a telephone number to forward your phones to. When the call lands at Answer 365 it is routed through our Infinity Server, which identifies the call is for you. This call then pops on a phone agents screen who answer the call as if they are sitting inside your front door.

Does Answer 365 guarantee the privacy & safety of sensitive client information?

Answer 365’s phone agents are in a secure area of our facility. Our phone agents also sign a confidentially agreement which includes that they will not share information regarding our accounts. Our business is built on trust and confidentiality.

How many times will my line ring before the Answer 365 system picks it up for me?

Answer 365 provides a shared service for our customers who do not have a full time dedicated staff member handling your calls. This means that the calls will be answered by the first available phone agent within the first three rings 92% of the time. Our average hold time is 16 seconds.

Will my in-bound callers ever be put on hold?

Our calls are answered within three rings 92% of the time. Should a call go to hold the average hold time is 16 seconds.

How does Answer 365 help me to develop my company’s custom call answering script?

One of our sales staff or Customer Service Managers will be in contact with you to go over the script. We work with you to determine the best greeting to use to answer your phone and then we work with you to review all the possible scenarios. You will advise us how to handle each scenario and to whom we connect the call to or forward a message to. All of your staff contact information is also loaded into our Infinity System. We also work with you to fine-tune the call process once your account is up and running. Our service is about your company and your processes.

Can Answer 365 agents process orders on behalf of my business?

Answer 365 is able to process customer orders for your business. We can do this in our software platform or take the data and export that information to you. Our programmer simply programs your order taking platform to come up on our agents screen once the phone rings.

I often use call forwarding, how will this feature work after I sign up with Answer 365?

Instead of forwarding your business lines to one of your staff members’ cell phone, it is routed to Answer 365. We take it from there.

Does Answer 365 offer call center services in multiple languages?

Answer 365 is a Bi-lingual call centre that can answer calls in both English and French.

Of all the call center and answering services you provide, which is the most popular?

Answer 365 is a 24 hour a day operation. We handle phones in many business sectors. Our day time business is related to providing virtual office phone reception and customer support services. Our night time and weekend business is a mix of customer service and virtual office servicing the Real Estate Industry, Property Management and service sector including plumbers, electricians and home fuel oil companies.