27 November 2012

Looking For a Call Centre? Here Is a Check list.

There are many things to consider when looking for a Call Centre solution for your business.  I should also advise you that it is not always about price.  Most Call Centre’s charge by the minute after your allotment of base minutes is consumed.  Simply put there is much more to price when searching out a Call Centre.   Following is a must ask list of questions that you should use in your search.

  • Does the company have a back-up power generation system to operate their phones and computers when the power is out?
  • What type of telephony software do they use? Does it have a failsafe delivery of message system that guarantees the call or message won’t fall between the cracks?
  • What is your call answer percentage?  For example are 90 percent of calls are answered in the first three rings.
  • What is your company’s average call on hold time?  This is when the recording comes on and says, ‘All of our agents are busy. Please remain on the line’   This number is critical as lengthy on hold times lead to abandoned calls.  The caller simply goes away.
  • Does the telephony system have the ability to route calls to approved and trained agents on your account?
  • Does the company have a quality assurance program in place to monitor staff performance?
  • How are the minutes broken out in the billing?  For example if a call is 1 minute and 10 seconds how does that translate into minutes charge?

Making the right choice is important to your business.  What your Call Centre does in the minute they are communicating with your customer that counts.  Good telephony software can help reduce the time it takes to take a message or handle a customer service call. The right software also insures accuracy.

I suggest you do your due diligence when seeking a service.  I suggest your customers overall experience and success will be worth the extra effort taken to find the right supplier.  A Call Centre is the voice of our business. The right one will make every call count.