11 December 2012

Are Automated Phone Attendants a good idea?

It still baffles my mind that there are companies out there that continue to use an automated phone attendant as the first point of contact with a customer that is calling their business. ‘In order to better serve you please listen to the following options” You know what I hear from companies who use this system? My time is more valuable than yours. So over 80 percent of first time callers to your businesses hang up and move on to your completion.

The argument is that these companies can lower there operating costs so they can better serve their customers providing better prices. My side of the argument is they can increase sales by talking with their customers and potential customers. The last time I checked companies are supposed to grow.

Companies who like talking with your customers get it. They understand that human talking with human is good for business. A question gets asked. The potential customer responds and opportunities then present themselves. The very fact they called your company instead of looking it up on your website is they wanted to talk to someone about your product or service. But no. Companies still put a layer between themselves and their customers. I ask you, how crazy is that?

For heaven sake find some in your company who is assigned to this task of answering the phone or outsource your phones to professionals who would be more than pleased to look after your customers for you. Pay attention to your customers and watch your business soar. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and saying. ‘Good morning. Thank you for calling our business. How may I help you?’ I rest my case.