Avoid Saying These Things on the Phone

October 05, 2015 Trackback Blog by admin

When talking to customers on the telephone, it can be easy to miscommunicate. After all, communication is about more than just the words we say. Here are some things you should avoid saying on the phone so you don't upset your customers and drive them away.

'It's not that big of a problem.'

Don't ever try to tell your customer that their problem is no big deal. It is to them; otherwise they wouldn't be calling you. Instead, offer to find them a solution that meets their needs and make them feel that you understand their predicament.

'I'll get somebody else to take care of that for you.'

Your customer is speaking with you, not 'somebody else,' so they expect you to handle their problem. If you can't personally deal with it yourself, you can explain that you'll seek assistance from another employee, but always assure the customer that YOU will take care of things for them.

'That's not my job/responsibility/problem.'

When you are dealing with a customer on the phone, their concern is your responsibility, and their problems are your problems. Don't try to pass the buck with customer service; just do what it takes to resolve the customer's issue.

'Don't get upset.'

Telling your customers how to feel is a big customer service no-no. They have every right to their emotions, and your job is to help them resolve the issue at hand, not to make them feel bad for complaining. Instead, try to empathize with them and offer a solution that will make them feel better.

'I hate it, but it's company policy.'

You won't always agree with your company's policies, but you are representing them, so you need to put up a united front when it comes to dealing with customers. Let your customers know that the policy is in place for the good of the customers and the business, even if it doesn't always seem that way.


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