3 April 2018

How Always Answering Your Phone Improves Business

24:7 call answering for business
When it comes to your business, voicemail is not always the answer.

As tempting as it may be to ignore incoming calls outside of business hours, you’re risking a loss of customers when you do so. Here’s how always answering your phone improves your business and your relationship with your customers.

Customer convenience leads to customer loyalty

If you’ve never needed customer support after business hours, you’re one of very few. Problems don’t just happen during your work day. Customers may need assistance at odd times, or their schedules may mean calling for help only happens after hours. If you have an answering machine field these calls, you’re probably going to annoy these customers. However, if you have a live person answering the phone, you’ll gain reputation points from your customers for being there when they need you.

Even if you don’t offer full customer service after business hours, your customers will respect that they can at least speak to a live person instead of a soulless answering machine. As an added bonus, having an answering service can help eliminate the amount of callbacks you have to make since common problems can usually be answered by the answering service staff.

You don’t miss opportunities

If you answer your own phones, what happens when you’re busy and can’t take a call? Most of the time, having someone take a message is a fine option, but occasionally, you could be risking great opportunities that are time-sensitive. How do you know which call will be the ‰Û÷golden opportunity’? Honestly, you can’t tell, but if you answer every call, you can avoid missing out on great opportunities with poor timing.

An answering service can help you prioritize the calls you take so you don’t waste time. It can also help your customers when you aren’t available. In today’s constantly on the go world, your business and your customers can only benefit from having the phones answered at all times.

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