3 December 2019

3 Types of Holiday Customers (And How You Can Help Them)

No two customers are alike, and this is especially noticeable during the holiday shopping season. You can be better prepared to meet all your customers’ needs if you understand what kind of customer they are during the hectic holiday season.

Here are three different customer types and how to help each one.

The Too-busy Customer

This customer is fairly easy to spot. They’re the ones who are always in a hurry, never have time to wait for help, and who like to do as much on their own as they can. This customer type simply doesn’t have time for long hold times on the phone, so make sure you have enough telephone customer service staff to make wait times short and sweet. Also, offer multiples access points for customer service. Sometimes, even phone calls take too long for this busy customer!

The Bargain Hunter

This type of customer is looking for the best deal possible, no matter what. If you aren’t offering them something at a better rate than your competitor, then they’re very likely to leave and take their business elsewhere. But, don’t have hard feelings toward this customer type–their loyalty can be bought if you treat them well and offer the occasional deep discount for their continued loyalty.

The Curious Browser

Often, these customers will ‘window shop’ your business several times before committing to making a purchase. They enjoy the experience of learning about your products and service, and they may need more time to make a decision when it comes time to make the actual purchase. You may feel that there’s no way to influence this type of customer, but there is. Offer plenty of different ways for these customers to reach out to your business, including social media. They often have lots of questions and you want to be ready to answer them all, wherever they ask them.

For more tips on how you can better meet the needs of all of your customers during the holiday season and beyond, visit the Answer 365 blog regularly or call and speak to a friendly representative.