31 March 2014

Top 10 Customer Service No-No’s

These days, we’re all on the go and we don’t make much time to stop and smell the roses. In a culture like the one in which we currently live, poor customer service is more the norm than not. Customers are all but used to being placed on hold for long waiting times, not getting answers to their questions and being flat-out turned away. Though it’s too bad that customer service isn’t being emphasized, the lack of old-fashioned service is an opportunity for companies to outfox their competition. By avoiding the pitfalls of providing lackluster customer service and treating each customer like a guest, you can set your service apart in a sea of grumpy phone agents and customer service professionals. Check out our top ten customer service no-no’s: 

1. Bad Moods Mean Bad Customer Service
You know the expression, ‘check your problems at the door’? When it comes to providing great customer service, it’s crucial that your employees check their problems at the door. Few things are more of a warning sign to customers than a representative of your company’s bad mood spilling out into bad service.

2. Not Returning Phone Calls or Voicemails
When a customer takes the time to reach out to you, it is imperative that your company takes it seriously. Voicemails and messages should be returned as soon as possible – and at least within 24 hours on a business day.

3. Placing Customers on Hold Without Asking
No one likes being told they have to wait. If you need a caller to wait, it’s important to ask. A simple question such as, ‘Do you mind waiting on hold for a couple minutes while I check on this for you?’ works wonders.

4. Chewing Gum During a Call
Chewing gum, or drinking a beverage, or eating a snack during a call is an absolute no-no. It is irritating and sends customers an unprofessional image of your business.

5. Engaging in a Feud
Sometimes, customers will get angry and call up to yell at anyone who will listen. Though it may be tempting for a customer service professional to get heated in return, it is important that your team remembers that they are a professional and must keep their emotions out of finding a solution to the problem.

6. Surprise Speaker Phone
Nobody likes to suddenly find out they’re being broadcasted across a room. Though speakerphones sure can make things easy, it’s a no-no to put a customer on a speakerphone without first asking.

7. Not Having Voicemail or an Answering Service
It is absolutely a must to offer your customers the ability to leave a message when no one is available to pick up the phone.

8. Responding to Call Waiting During a Customer Phone Call
It’s annoying to customers if you respond to a call waiting call when you’re on the phone with them. Strive to put your customers on hold as little as possible.

9.Talking to Other Co-Workers While on the Phone with Customers
When your customer is on the phone, it’s key that you give them your undivided attention. It can be upsetting to customers to hear you discussing lunch options while you make them waste their time waiting for you to focus on the phone call at hand.

10. Hanging Up On Customers
No matter what happens in a phone call, it is absolutely important to never hang up on a customer. If you can’t handle the phone call, know when to get help in the form of another co-worker or a supervisor!