5 January 2015

Favourite Phone Greetings

Have you ever called a company and been greeted with a jumbled, garbled mess of a greeting that left you wondering why you called in the first place? Many businesses overlook the importance of a great telephone greeting, but it can help your business in so many ways. A great greeting puts your customers at ease and boosts their opinion of your company. Here are some of our favourite phone greetings to use with your customers.

“It’s a great day at (your company)! This is Joe Bloggs, how can I help you today?”

This upbeat, fun greeting may not be every person’s cup of tea, but it is an effective way to start the conversation off on a positive note. Of course, it only works if your employee, Joe Bloggs, sounds authentic when he delivers the message. But, it’s hard not to feel at least a little positive when saying this, and that’s sure to rub off on your customers.

“Thank you for calling (company name), this is Joe Bloggs. How may I help?”

This greeting is simple, and to the point. The caller is thanked, showing gratitude from your business, and then asked how their problem can be solved. This straight-to-the-point style means your customers can get what they need sooner, and they’ll appreciate it.

“(Your company name), Joe Bloggs speaking.”

This is a little tricky to use properly, but works well when your customer has been transferred in to a specific department. It cuts through the “niceties” and gets them straight to the assistance they need. Beware, employees should make sure that their tone doesn’t come across as gruff or impatient, or it could have a negative impact on your customer.

“Good morning/afternoon, thank you for calling (company name), this is Joe Bloggs. How may I help you today?”

Simply adding a little personal touch to your greeting, such as noting the time of day, can help put customers at ease, especially if the greeting is delivered with warmth and sincerity. Asking “may” I help you implies that you are seeking permission to help your customer, and that can go a long way towards making them feel comfortable.

Whichever greeting your business uses, be sure to deliver it with a smile, because smiles really do shine through in your employees’ tones. Happy, smiling employees will help keep your customers happy, too, and that’s always good for business.