14 May 2019

Fun Summer Customer Appreciation Ideas


Nothing says summer fun like customer appreciation! If you want to show your customers that you love them, why not use one of these fun summer appreciation ideas?

Social media takeover with giveaways

How well do you really know your customers? And how well do they know you? Why not let your customer service staff ‘take over’ your company’s social media profile and interact with your customers? This can help build rapport and grow your relationship with your customers. To make it more fun, why not host small giveaways on your social media pages? Your customers will love getting to know you and winning fun prizes, and you’ll improve your customer loyalty easily.

Treat local customers

If you have a strong local customer base, why not treat your local customers to a free ice cream or other cool summer delight? Invite customers to drop by your business for a free ‘treat’ and you can use the experience to grow customer loyalty. You can also highlight certain products or services this way, which can provide a nice boost to business as well.

Make a donation in honor of your customers

Poll your customers to find out which charities they support, then make a donation in honor of your customers. You can do this any time of the year, not just during the summer, and your customers will appreciate your charitable nature. Bonus points for donating to local charities and causes!

Send out summer swag

Show your customers you care by sending out summer swag. Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses–anything that will make your customers’ lives a little easier during the summer–will be greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to add a cheerful message from your business and maybe a coupon for a discount on products and services. This memorable gesture will keep customers coming back for more.

Feature ‘star customers’

Why not choose a different customer each week and highlight them on your company’s social media? You can highlight how long they’ve been a customer or let them share a significant story about themselves. It gives your customers a chance to feel like a celebrity and helps build a sense of community.

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