4 December 2018

Get Personal This Holiday Season: Tips to Personalize your Customer’s Experience

Customers prefer dealing with businesses that make them a priority. How can you let your customers know that they’re your priority? You can make every interaction with them more personalized. Here’s how you can personalize your customer service today.

Use names

It may sound trite, but using a customer’s name is still one of the best ways to show you are paying attention to them. Whether you’re sending them an email, talking on the phone, or dealing with them face to face, be sure to use the customer’s name. Also, don’t be afraid to tell them your name, too. A personal interaction such as a phone call or face to face conversation is so much more meaningful when both parties know who they’re talking to!

Pay attention to interests

Whether you use technology on your website to monitor products your customers like, or you ask them directly when talking on the phone, try to find out personal details about your customers. Make notes, if you can, so you can bring up the hobbies and interests in future calls. Most people love to share stories about themselves, so look for opportunities to engage with your customers on a personal level whenever you can. You might just find out something that helps you better serve them in the process.

Recommend products and services based on past interactions

Often, customers aren’t sure what it is they need from your business. They may buy a product, but be totally unaware that a similar or comparable product even exists within your company. If you’ve ever bought something, then realized that there were other items that would make your new purchase work better or just be more convenient, wouldn’t you like for someone to point those other products out to you?

This doesn’t have to only apply to sales. Why not offer free training to your customers to help them utilize products or services that you offer? There are so many different ways you can offer more to meet your customer’s individual needs–why not consider how you can do this with your business every day?

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