22 January 2019

Help Your Customer Service Team Beat the Winter Blues

Winter can be a wonderful time of year filled with holidays and cheer, but it can also be a very difficult time for many people. Winter blues and holiday stress can be a terrible combination that can make it difficult to stay upbeat while dealing with customers. Here’s how you can beat the ‘winter blues’ and keep stress at bay all winter long.

Recognize the signs

Have you noticed that as the days get shorter and colds seem more common, you have way more employee absence? If not absence, then at least an absence of joy in the office? The shorter winter days often trigger seasonal low moods and the prevalence of colds and flu can leave employees feeling physically less than stellar. It’s not just laziness–winter is a hard season to get through.

Get outside

It may be cold and dreary, but even a few minutes of sunshine every day can serious perk up your mood and give you a boost of energy. Encourage employees to get outside for a few minutes on sunny days. Just a few minutes of sunshine can help boost vitamin D levels, leading to better emotional states and more energy. If it’s never sunny, have your employees ask their physicians about vitamin supplements, which can help during those dark winter months.

Make sure your employees are eating well

It can be tempting to binge on comfort foods and sweets during the cold winter months, but this can actually lead to low moods and lethargy. Encourage healthy eating and snacking by providing a place to prepare warm meals at the office and skipping the usual muffins and donuts at meetings. Instead, why not provide a fruit tray or have employees take turns bringing healthy snacks into the office?

Be flexible with scheduling

Winter’s a great time to let employees change up their schedule, if possible. If you can let your employees arrive a little earlier so that they are leaving early, it can help them feel like they have more time off. Shorter days often mean employees arrive just as it starts to get light out and leave just as it starts to get dark. Just a few more hours of downtime during daylight hours can really help employees stay relaxed and stress-free.

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