26 November 2019

People Before Profits For The Best Customer Service


When your sales start to stagnate, it can be tempting to put your efforts at customer service on hold. After all, investing more time and money into your customer service can feel counterproductive when sales are down. However, putting profits before people is a bad idea when it comes to business.

Here’s why you need to prioritize people over profits when it comes to customer service.

Think Long-term

Short-term profits may seem great, but if they’re at the expense of your staff’s well being or your customers’ satisfaction, those short-term gains won’t translate into long-term success. Shifting the focus from people to profits can lead to employee burnout, demoralization among your staff, and poor performance. Of course, this has a direct impact on your customers, too. And if your customers aren’t happy with the service you’re providing, there’s nothing to stop them from taking their business elsewhere.

Consider Your Purpose

What is the purpose of your business? Is it simply to sell as many products and services to the public as you cam, or is it to meet a need in your industry or community better than your competitors? When your focus is on profits, you’ll lose the competitive edge that other businesses who do prioritize people have within your industry. At the end of the day, your customers and even your employees will have a choice–they can stick with someone who doesn’t make them a priority, or they can leave and find a business that will appreciate them more than the profit they bring.

More importantly, when you make serving your customers your main purpose, you’ll find that you develop long-lasting customer relationships that help keep your business steady for years to come. This is how prioritizing people over profits can lead to better returns for you and your business.

Happy People Equals Better Outcomes

It’s expensive to get new customers. Attracting new customers takes more time, money, and effort than keeping your existing customers happy. The same applies to your employees. Consider the cost and time involved with training new customer service employees to do a great job.

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