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oil-gas-after-hours-answering-servicesHeat, Water, Sewer and electrics are the fundamental necessities of our lifestyle. When there is an interruption in these essential services most of us have little patience while a solution is being reached. Customers expect frequent status updates and it's crucial they speak with a real person, no matter the time of day.

Answering Services for Oil & Gas and Utility Companies are typically categorized by emergency and non-emergency calls. Gas leaks, water leaks, sewer eruptions need to be dispatched and handled immediately. Non-emergency calls may include inquiries such as account balances, holiday hours, new customer inquiries and questions about efficiency.

Answer 365 has over 60 years experience working with companies in the Utility sector. Our agents are well versed treating your customers with great care in emergency situations.

Being able to service our customers after hours and the week-ends is paramount in the oil delivery business. I feel that the dispatchers and CSR’s at Answer365 treat my customers as if they were their own. I have never heard a complaint from one of my customers regarding the after hours service. Recently we needed to change our processes regarding after hours burner service dispatch. I was able to conference with an Answer365 programmer and supervisor to get my changes made and ensure that what I needed in terms of customer service could be accommodated by Answer365. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and suggestions they were able to make in terms of implementation. Needless to say all went very well.

To inquire about Answer 365's Consumer Hotline and Customer Care services give us a call @ 1 800 701-7774 or email us. If you are keen to find out how affordable our call center services are you can Request a Quote.