remote-reception250pxFor many small to medium size business’s it’s impossible to answer the phone all the time. Each potential new customer and existing customer is so precious. Today’s society expects instant response and your automated phone attendant or voice mail puts distance between you and your customer.

Answer 365 state of the art technologies gives us the edge to answer your phone on your terms and with your perfect script. We can set you up to have your phones default to our system if your reception is busy, at lunch or for after hours calls. We can patch the call live to your staff’s office line, cell phone, email, text or fax the message.

Our system does more than manage your inbound phone calls. Our interactive software allows you to log in and manage scheduling and appointment-booking. Ideal for Financial Advisors, Realtors, Psychologists, Home Inspection Specialists, Shuttle Services and more.

Your Virtual Office Assistant does not need medical insurance, EI, CCP and never calls in sick or takes holidays. All this at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

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Plans start as low as $130 a month to have your phones answered 24 hours a day if you choose. Our business is about serving your customers with the care as if they were our own.

Award winning service record