Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Whether your Staff is headed on vacation or your business is not big enough to have a receptionist, it is far more cost effective to out source. Our Appointment Booking service is one of our most valued call center services. Call comes into your office. A live person is unable to answer the phone. That call is then immediately transferred to a Bilingual Answer 365 agent.

As soon as the call is received your company’s web based, real time calendar appears on screen. Our agents can book your appointments when you or your staff are sick or on vacation.  (* NOTE: We must have access to your appointment software to discover applicability and operational process.)

How It Works

  • Both your office and Answer 365 have real time access to your calendar through the Internet. All bookings and appointment scheduling are completed in a secure environment.
  • If you are a small business with no need for a full time receptionist, Answer 365 can handle your appointment booking year round!

Customize your Calendar

Through our system you can customize the days, time and length of appointments as you see fit. You can also choose how Answer 365 notifies you of a new booking, request for rescheduling or cancellation.

No matter the task our Live Agents have everything they need to take care of your customers at their fingertips.

Remember everyone can book!

The great thing about our real time appointment booking service is that you, your staff and Answer 365 always have access to your business’s real time calendar. Our service protects you from double bookings and notifies you of new openings the moment they happen.

This valuable service gives you the ability to check or schedule appointments while you are away from the office 24 hours a day.

Don’t miss another call!

Benefits include allowing your clients/patients the flexibility of 24/7 bookings. Getting a human to answer the phone and not having to deal with voice mail. It is estimated that 80% of first time callers to your business will hang up if they get an automated attendant or have to deal with voice mail.