10 July 2024

5 Essential Tips for Call Answering for Property Managers


As a property manager, effective call answering isn’t just about communication—it’s about resident satisfaction, emergency response readiness, and maximizing building occupancy. Here are five call answering tips for property management teams:

1. Avoid Voicemail:

In the fast-paced world of property management, residents appreciate timely responses to their concerns. Avoiding voicemail whenever possible can significantly improve resident satisfaction.

Recent call answering studies show that most callers hang up without leaving a message if their call goes unanswered. For property managers, this means potentially missing out on addressing maintenance issues promptly or addressing resident concerns before they escalate. By having a live person ready to answer calls you demonstrate your commitment to resident needs and ensure issues are addressed promptly.

2. Answer Calls at Any Hour (24/7) for Emergencies:

Property emergencies, such as burst pipes or heating failures, can happen at any time, day or night. Being available to answer calls 24/7 is essential for addressing these emergencies. Residents rely on property managers to provide timely assistance during a crisis. By having a system in place to handle emergency calls (during or outside of office hours), you can help reduce property damage, improve resident safety, and maintain the trust and satisfaction of your tenants.

3. Respond Promptly to Fill Vacancies:

Every missed call could mean a missed opportunity to fill a vacant unit. Prospective tenants will often get in touch with multiple properties in their search (just like buying a home, people want to view multiple properties), and depending on vacancy levels, the first property to respond is more likely to secure the lease. If your ideal potential resident gets in touch and no one answers they will move along to another property.

By answering calls promptly, you not only provide excellent customer service but also increase the chances of converting inquiries into lease agreements. Implementing a streamlined process for handling leasing inquiries and scheduling viewings can help maximize occupancy rates and minimize vacancy periods.

4. Train Staff in Effective Call Handling:

Effective call handling goes beyond just picking up the phone. Property management staff should be trained in active listening, problem-solving, and providing accurate information. This helps to ensure that each caller receives a professional, timely and helpful response, whether it’s a current resident reporting a maintenance issue or a potential tenant inquiring about available units.

Consistent training (and reviewing) of call handling practices can help maintain high standards of customer service and satisfaction across your property management team.

5. Utilize a Call Answering Service to Improve Efficiency:

A call answering service or virtual assistant can help you strealine your communication processes, so that incoming calls are routed to the appropriate staff members, and emergencies are dealt with quickly.

Leveraging a call answering service that uses the latest technology (such as Answer 365) not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the overall resident and tenant experience by reducing wait times and ensuring accurate and timely responses.

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