30 May 2024

Call Answering Services Can Provide Support to Employees who Work Alone

Discover How Call Answering Services Can Provide Support to Employees who Work Alone

Checking in when working alone is an important safety measure for staff who work independently. Having a check-in procedure can help to ensure a timely response in the case of an emergency or employee absenteeism. When an employee does not check in at the scheduled time, it sets off a series of events that allow for quick follow up to address the safety of the employee and/or to arrange shift coverage (if an employee was not able to come to work and did not call in).

For companies, check in services show that they care about the safety and well being of their employees. For employees, it is reassuring to know that they are not alone and that someone is there to help (a phone call away) if something unexpected occurs during their shift.

Ensuring Workplace Safety: How Call Answering Services Help

In jobs where people work alone, like security, healthcare, or bus drivers, safety should always be a main priority. That’s where Answer 365 comes in. Answer 365 works closely with businesses that employ and/or manage staff that work-alone. We can customize call answering services and check-in procedures according to your needs.

Keep Employees Safe at Work

Our employee check in services are focused on keeping workers safe. Workers call in before starting a shift or at set times during the day (or night) – we work with your business to customize the check in protocol. In case of an emergency or injury, employees have a direct line they can contact for assistance.

Prevent No Shows & Implement Shift Coverage

In addition to enhancing workplace safety measures, employee check-ins play an important role in maintaining workplace (shift) coverage. For example, if an employee fails to check in due to personal reasons (absenteeism), our call answering service will initiate follow-up protocol and can help reduce the time that a workplace is left without employee coverage.

Employee Check In Services for Different Industries

For work-alone employees, regular check-ins serve not only to protect their safety and well-being, but also ensure a quick response to unexpected circumstances (such as a no-show for a scheduled shift).

A wide variety of businesses choose to invest in our call answering check in services to ensure workplace safety and shift coverage. From security guards, to health care workers, bus drivers and more; our customized call answering and check in services can help your business run smoothly and keep employees safe at work.

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