8 July 2019

Fall Into Great Customer Service Habits


Everyone knows that it’s easy to fall into bad habits, but did you know that you can ‘fall into’ good habits, too? It’s simply a matter of practice, repetition, and altering the way you look at things.

Here are some simple ways you can fall into great customer service habits.

Start small

Small changes are easier to master, so start with a small habit you’d like to develop. Things like smiling when you answer a phone call, using your customer’s name when you speak to them, and minimizing hold times, don’t require a lot of mental effort on your part, but they can translate to excellent customer service.

Practice being mindful

Every call is different, so your response to every call will be different, but you can have the common thread of great customer service with every single customer interaction. Practice being in the moment, actively listening to every customer to figure out what it is they are really telling you. After every call, make it a point to be grateful, even for the difficult customers. If you can be aware, grateful, and empathetic to your customer’s needs, then great customer service will become an automatic habit.

Celebrate positive results

Providing excellent customer service isn’t always easy, but it will become second nature if you reward great service. By rewarding and acknowledging excellent customer service, you reinforce the practice. It’s an easy way to encourage your entire team to fall into better customer service habits.

Make it easy to give good service

Make sure you and your customer service team have all the tools you need to provide great customer service. Keep up to date with your training, make sure every employee is empowered to make decisions related to customer service and make sure you have enough staff to cover your customer service needs. This way, no employee will feel overwhelmed and everyone will be empowered to develop better customer service habits.

With time and consistency, good customer service habits will become second nature to you and your team. Be sure to visit Answer365 often for more great customer service tips or to see how you can improve your company’s customer service.