16 March 2021

How to Handle an Increase in Business Calls during an Emergency or Crisis

How to handle an increase in business calls during an emergency or crisis

Let’s face it, emergencies and unexpected situations happen at work and in life that can impact your business. Whether it is a personal emergency, COIVD-19, or a weather-related crisis, it is important to have a continuity plan in place to ensure your business and your customers are cared for during unexpected events. One important aspect of your continuity plan is a strategy for handling business calls during unexpected situations. 

When a crisis happens are you prepared to handle an increase in phone calls to your business?



Live Call Answering – Put Your Customers at Ease

When a customer calls in during an emergency or a crisis – having a real person answer your phone makes a huge difference.

An answering machine or voicemail cannot show empathy or understanding when a customer calls in during a crisis. Having your phone calls answered by a real person can make all the difference in how customers feel about your business and the service you provide. 

Higher Call Volumes – Answer Business Calls in a Quick and Timely Manner 

No one wants to call a business during a crisis (like COVID) and have to wait on the line for an extended period – or worse, reach voicemail. Many businesses do not have the people power or resources to handle an increase in call volume during unexpected situations. That is why a call answering service makes sense. Calls are answered quickly, efficiently, and professionally even during a crisis. This includes dispatch services, technical support, appointment booking, and more.

Handle the Unexpected without an Impact Your Business

If you have a personal emergency that you need to care for; or if your business has to close for the day for an unexpected reason, your customers will never know the difference. Hiring a call center or call answering service will make it seamless. All calls will be answered consistently and professionally – letting you breathe easy and allowing you to care for unexpected emergencies.

Keep Your Reputation Intact 

If you own an HVAC company, plumbing business, mechanic, maintenance business, or are in property management then you know first-hand that customer and client emergencies can happen 24/7. 

The last thing you need is a missed call from a customer during a time when they need you the most. Emergency call answering and dispatch services will keep your business reputation intact. Sleep easy knowing your business is running smoothly even in the middle of the night.

There are many ways to handle an increase in call volume from self-service options for your customers to call answering services. The key is to determine which strategies are going to benefit your business while supporting your customers. The goal is to keep your business running smoothly and ensuring the testimonials and positive feedback keep coming. Your reputation is key to future business, referrals, and success in your industry. 

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