31 January 2023

The Top Three Reasons Why First Contact Resolution (FCR) is Important to Your Business

When it comes to running a business, happy customers are repeat customers. A satisfied customer will recommend your business to friends and family (free marketing!) while continuing to invest in your products/services; and one of the key indicators of repeat business and positive testimonials is First Contact Resolution (FCR).


Let’s have a look at the overall benefits of FCR for your business and your customers.

1. Business Longevity

The ability to resolve a customer concern or issue the first time they contact your organization is a reflection of your business and can help reflect back to you areas in which you can improve including processes, policies and training.

First contact resolution on 70% of incoming calls (FCR 70%+) indicates that your processes and policies are functional and in working order. It is also a signal that employees have been properly trained in the tools, strategies and customer service skills required to resolve customer issues the first time.

Additionally, the ability to resolve your customer’s issue the first time they call, will help prevent customer attrition and employee turnover. Customers who do not have their problem/issue properly addressed and resolved will look to your competition (for a better deal, price or solution) and employees that do not have the tools and training to resolve problems and effectively do their job will eventually leave their position.

2. Customer Satisfaction & Trust

First Contact Resolution is a reflection of your customer’s experience. Most customers expect their problem to be addressed and resolved the first time they call in, and the more repeat calls they have to make, the higher the level of dissatisfaction with your business, product or service.

Part of the process of building a relationship of trust with your customers is First Contact Resolution (FCR). A customer that is confident in your business, product or service is a repeat customer; and a repeat customer is more likely to recommend what you have to offer to their friends and family.

When you focus on FCR you focus on customer satisfaction, business growth and longevity. It is a key metric of the overall health of your business. It will also save you money in the long run. You will save money by keeping current customers, gaining new customers, word-of-mouth marketing and more.

3. Opportunity for Growth

Whether you need to invest in additional staff training, new tools/software, more staff or a professional call answering service – FCR can help you see where your business can improve.

Once a business has excelled at FCR, they can then shift their focus to upselling. When a business has developed trust with their customers, customers are more willing to listen to new product and service information. This allows for continued growth – more services and products AND more satisfied customers.

First Contact Resolution is a key performance indicator that can help your business flourish!

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