30 September 2022

Getting Your Business Ready for a Successful Winter Season


With cooler weather around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about how the winter season can impact your business and how a call answering service can help your business stay in tip top shape all winter long.

We all know how unexpected weather conditions can impact our business, and if you are new to business it is something you may want to consider. Planning ahead for the unexpected (rain, snow, slush and ice) will allow your business to continue running smoothly regardless of sick time and unpredictable winter weather. It is more important than ever to plan ahead!

Here are 4 ways an answering service can benefit your business during the winter season.

1. Cutting Edge Call Answering Technology

Unexpected weather or winter storms and blizzards can impact your business especially when employees are not able to make it to the office! At Answer 365, we use leading edge technology to ensure calls are answered on time, every time. We help make the unexpected a little less stressful for you, your business and your customers.

2. Being There For Your Customers When They Need You

When your customers are impacted by an emergency such as a burst pipe, home heating emergency, car breakdown etc. they can still reach you, and this creates trust and reliance on your business.

When you are able to be there for your customers (as we are for ours) it makes all the difference in terms of customer satisfaction, reputation, repeat business and testimonials.

If you worry about missing customer calls during the winter months or after regular business hours, a call answering service will bring you (and your customers) peace of mind.


3. Prevent Disruptions, Delays and Downtime

Having a call answering service as part of your team will ensure that no call is missed even during an emergency or poor weather conditions.

Whether you require an answering service for employees who are on the road (plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, tow truck drivers etc.) or for customers who are trying to get in touch, we are there to answer calls and relay messages according to your requirements.

If your business is in an office such as a doctors office or medical specialist in the healthcare field, our call answering service makes it easier for customers to leave a message. If customers need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we will make sure the call is answered (even after hours).

4. Establish Your Reputation & Create Repeat Business

Establishing a reputation as a professional, reliable, “always there” business will keep your customers coming back and will help with business referrals. A call answering service can be an extension of your team – during weather emergencies, office hours, after hours or anytime. Show your customers you are there for them any time, for any reason, and you will establish a positive relationship and reputation, which will ultimately keep your customers satisfied.

If you’d like to know how Answer 365 can help you and your customers, give us a call today and speak to friendly, reliable representatives.