30 May 2023

How A Call Answering Service Can Help Your Employees

Did you know that a call answering service not only benefits your customers but also your employees?

Most of the time when a business considers investing in a call answering service, the benefits they look at include: red-carpet customer service, a consistent client experience, after-hours/holiday coverage and cost savings. However, another great benefit is employee satisfaction and employee retention.


How can a call answering service benefit your employees? Here are 3 ways we can help YOU with employee satisfaction and retention.

Vacation Coverage and Time Off

How many times has an employee needed time-off or had to cancel vacation plans due to staff shortages or emergencies? When this happens on a routine basis in a workplace, it can lead to a lack of trust in the workplace and eventually, attrition.

Replacing an employee can be time consuming and costly. From job postings to interviews to training – the cost of hiring affects your bottom line.

When an employee knows that he or she can confidently book vacation time without having it roll over to the next year or take time off during an unexpected emergency, it leads to increased satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Multitasking and Burnout

A multi-tasking employee answering a phone call will eventually lead to missed calls, mishandled calls, communication errors, and ultimately, employee burnout.

Requiring your employees to answer phone calls during their shift while multi-tasking other important job duties can result in burnout which can then lead to absenteeism and attrition.

Having a call answering service in place for your business allows a consistent experience for your customers while reducing the workload on employees.

Work Life Balance

Work life balance is important, and when a business makes it a priority, it can lead to staff retention and dedicated employees. We can help YOU create a positive work environment for your employees. Not only can we take calls during the workday to help you with your everyday workload, but we can also take calls during other times.

A call answering service can work as a part of your team – we answer calls according to your needs and schedule. We work for you on weekends, holidays, after-hours or even during emergencies. We have everything in place to ensure your customers receive the support they need, when they need it.

As a result, we can play a role in creating a positive experience for your employees by supporting you when you need it most. Work life balance – never ask an employee to come in when they are off work! We’ve got you covered.

Prevent workplace burnout, stress and attrition by creating a positive work environment that encourages a manageable schedule and workload for staff as well as uninterrupted vacation time/time off.

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